Friday, 6 April 2012

Exeter College Cabaret online after just 28 years

And you thought alternative comedy was born in the 2010s with the revolutionary wit of Michael McIntyre? Far from it. Check out these videos of the Exeter College of Art & Design cabaret from March 1983. This first clip features Mike Dade, who sadly was the first of our alumni to die (in a traffic accident a few years after we left) playing a duet with then 9-year-old Matthew Dunkley (who I cannot imagine being any older than nine, though I'm sure by now he must be), plus a song by Tim Langley and Nick, and a very brief appearance by John Earwaker. Enjoy.

And here we have Dave Wells with one of his mind-boggling magic tricks, Paul Mclaren's poems, and another song by Tim & Nick...

Dave Wells' classic "suffer baby suffer" magic routine

The Prospective Student sketch. These videos are all in mono and will in fact only come out of one ear-hole. That's how we did it back in the day.

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