Friday, 27 April 2012

The Save Your Kisses For Me Shed, Preston

The Captcha I had to type in when uploading this photo was "carbon footprint"...

... which is strangely apt as I am the middle of my travels and I really am treading in a lot of carbon this week. This shed is, I was assured, the shed where the lyrics to Save Your Kisses For Me by Brotherhood Of Man were written, though extensive research, ie thirty seconds on wikipedia, has not yet validated that fact.

The shed, which I photographed because it's an interesting bit of woodwork, stands in the garden of the Claremont Hotel on the Blackpool Road in Preston, where I stayed en route between a school in Ealing and a gig in St Andrews. If anyone can confirm its Eurovision-winning songwriting connection, I'd be much obliged. Of course, it's not the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre's first encounter with a shed...

Songs From The Shed session with Jackie Oates, Jim Causley, and the Scottish Falsetto Socks

Meanwhile the Socks gig at The Byre in St Andrews was greatly enjoyable, and tonight's show at the Lemon Tree in Aberdeen is looking like a sellout. Tomorrow we then have to get to Bishops Monkton near Harrogate for a gig in a village hall, so wish us well. (I say "us", obviously it's just me and the Socks again, don't pity us).

With three days of Comic Art Masterclasses in schools in Cork, Dungarvan and Waterford to look forward to, followed by Socks shows in Halifax, Keighley and Stafford, all by next Friday, it's going to be a busy time when I don't expect to get a lot of blog-writing, or indeed any writing, done, but I'm doing my best today thanks to Val & Rosie in Aberdeen, life-long friends of my Mum & Dad who are putting me up here in the lap of luxury. I have a study to myself, yes be impressed.

In lieu of anything passing for an interesting diary, here are notes scraped from the few Tweets I've sent in recent weeks. If I've said anything in the slightest bit interesting I'll be amazed.

I only got 17/20 right in this Who Said It: Rupert Murdoch or Mr Burns? quiz @HuffPostUKCom
Wish we'd to Kangaroo Island when we were in Adelaide last month, it sounds great. Now, where do I send the invoice?
V good piece on ITV's missed opportunities over the years via @guardian
If you're a protestor who gets killed in Bahrain, will @redbull give you wings? #F1 @f1racingmotor

Youtoobling Feb 22:
TV of Tomorrow Tex Avery
Wow, Disney don't make em like this any more Making Of A Nazi cartoon
We Are Young, Fun
Alright, Supergrass
The Young Ones, Cliff & The Shadows
Jesamine, The Casuals
Is it a King Of Leon? No it's ... The Move, Fire Brigade
Fire & Rain, James Taylor
Fireflies, Owl City
Set Fire To The Rain, Adele
Fire, Kasabian
Fire, Crazy World of Arthur Brown Glastonbury 1971
Running Up That Hill, Kate Bush live

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