Monday, 30 April 2012

Really nice review from real person + "Swipe File"

Obviously any good review is a great thing, and you'd think the bigger the publication the more I'd like it. But I tell you what, this little review that popped up online is the sweetest review we've had this year. A normal member of the public, aka Sarah Rooftops, who has this to say:

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre. If we hadn't been looking for something entertaining and possibly naffly Scottish to do with Dad, it's highly unlikely Steve and I would have gone to see that. Sock puppets making jokes in squeaky Glaswegian accents? For two hours? It didn't sound appealing. But, I kid you not: I have never laughed as long or as hard as I did at that show. It was BRILLIANT. Absolutely hilarious. And Dad assures us that you don't need to be Scottish to get the jokes. They (I say "they" - it's one man and two grey socks) don't seem to have a current website (although there are lots of old clips on YouTube), but if you see them in theatre listings near you, go and check them out.

Thanks Ms Rooftops, that's just what we like to hear. Let's hope the word reaches the good punters of Halifax, Keighley and Stafford, who we'll be entertaining later this week.

And talking of forthcoming shows, check out this double bill:

The Scottish Falsetto Socks and Late Night Gimp Fight on the bill together? Should be fun. And I like the Gimps' Nevermind parody. I wonder if they've seen this...

Great minds.

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre's Spring Tour: Bath April 7 Milford Haven April 12Exeter April 13Bridlington April 14St Andrews April 25Aberdeen April 27Halifax May 3Keighley May 4Stafford May 5Chorley May 12Brighton May 19/20Hereford May 27Harrogate June 28/29Rondo Bath July 9 • Beverly Puppet Festival July 13 • Tring July 19 • Manchester July 20 • Nottingham + Guildford July 21 • Derby July 22 • Bedford July 27 • Edinburgh Fringe August 1-27. Spread the word.

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