Wednesday, 11 April 2012

"Socks get ready to step on stage" - Chorley Guardian interview

Look at the Socks all over the Chorley Guardian.

Published on Wednesday 11 April 2012 10:27
A Beano comic strip creator is bringing a unique ‘sock show’ to Chorley audiences.
Kev Sutherland, 50, from Scotland, is the man behind the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre, a company that quite literally consists of two talking socks.
Having started officially at the Edinburgh Festival in 2007, the socks have gone on to be a huge success on a national and international scale.
They will be making their third return to Chorley Little Theatre on May 12 at 8pm, ready to delight audiences with songs, sketches and historical re-enactments.
Kev, who also teaches comic strip classes to children across the country, said: “The socks are a comedy act, who make people laugh.
“This will be the third time they have come to Chorley - they always have fantastic audiences there who come in big numbers.
“They are proving really popular.
“We will be trying some new stuff out on the audience, as well as lots of stuff that has been popular in the past.
“And there is quite a bit of interaction with the audience.
“People should come and seen them because it is the funniest show they will see.”
In their latest tour, Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre will be testing out material for a brand new ‘Socky Horror Show’ that they plan to take to Edinburgh in August.
They can be supported on Twitter by following @falsettosocks and their Facebook can be accessed on To buy tickets ring 01257 264362.

Dear oh dear I really must try and say more interesting things in interviews - get the Socks to do the interviews, do it all in concise soundbites. Anything to avoid lines like “...there is quite a bit of interaction with the audience, People should come and seen them because it is the funniest show they will see" appearing again. Still no publicity is... you can see where that's going.

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre's Spring Tour: Bath April 7 Haven April 12Exeter April 13Bridlington April 14St Andrews April 25Aberdeen April 27Halifax May 3Keighley May 4Stafford May 5Chorley May 12Brighton May 19/20Hereford May 27Harrogate June 28/29Rondo Bath July 9 • Beverly Puppet Festival July 13 • Tring July 19 • Manchester July 20 • Nottingham + Guildford July 21 • Derby July 22 • Bedford July 27 • Edinburgh Fringe August 1-27. Spread the word.

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