Friday, 6 April 2012

Nauseoustalgia - Exeter & Loughborough

Last night we drove home after four days working in Norwich (Comic Art Masterclasses, great fun with great kids), and after the four and a half hour drive I was all-prepared for a two and a half hour drive this morning to take me to Fowey in Cornwall. Imagine my delight when I discovered an email I'd missed from February pointing out that today is Good Friday so the school I'd be working at wouldn't be open, and instead I'll be going there in May. Which means I have a bonus day at home and in the studio to get stuff done and/or take it a bit easier. So I've been indulging myself with a bit of nostalgia.

While we were away, Hev found a thread of photos on Facebook from graduates of Exeter College of Art, some of which we've not seen for 30 years and most of which we've never seen before. A couple of my favourites are below. And, inspired by that, I dug out one from even earlier, my graduation photo from the Foundation Course at Loughborough College of Art back in 1980. Where are they now? I know one draws regularly for Private Eye, at least one's big in the art world, and one went into local government. More than that I'd love to know.

Here (below and top of the page) are some pictures from the college cabarets that I produced at Exeter. It's hard to believe, but I actually developed these slides myself. What, do you think fingerprints and scratches like that put themselves on? Actually there's probably an App that makes photos look that crap nowadays. Enjoy.

More photos from Exeter College of Art on Facebook.

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