Tuesday, 29 April 2014

EE by gum - my fun with phones

11.30am.  I have just been told I cannot migrate my old T-Mobile phone number to my new iPhone except at the point of sale, which was two weeks ago. That cannot be right!
In EE chat just now it went:

EE: you cannot port a number from T-Mobile to EE. To do this would need to via Migration & this can only be done directly via EE

Me: You are EE

EE: You can call 150 but I assure you that only the migration will allow you to obtain the number. (this may be the reason as to why you have not had the number transferred up to now).

Me: So how do I Migrate?

EE: The only way for you to obtain that number now is to port out to another network & then port back in via the EE.
You can only migrate at the point of sale

Me: So I cannot migrate after I've bought the phone?????????????????????????????????????????????

EE: That's correct.

Me: So I have to take this phone back? Or lose my number that I've had since 1998?

EE: You would need to discuss with Apple to confirm if this is possible.

Me: Bloody hell.

EE: Kev.....please bear in mind that this was you that chosen to visit the Apple Store

I've since spoken to Apple who say they can't help and have sent me back to EE. What can I do?

UPDATE (12.10pm): I spoke to EE on the phone and they have just told me the phone number is going to be transferred. Sometime in the next 12 hours it will happen. All I need to do is, er, "turn it off and on again" and wait. Thankyou EE (if it works).

UPDATE (12.18pm): YES! Thankyou EE! You have just migrated my phone number from my old T-Mobile to my new EE iPhone! Hooray! You are smashing. Bringing new meaning to the phrase "under-promise and over-deliver" you spent an hour telling me how you couldn't do it, then you did it! Thankyou again.

UPDATE May 3rd: I text EE asking " Why would I have just got a text from 7626 saying "You've used up your data, buy more for as little as £1.99" when I haven't? In fact .co.uk says I still have 4GB left, out of my 4GB allowance, after two weeks solid use. Can that also be true? Who is "7626"?  They reply:  "Some data texts were sent in error, as long as you check online using My EE this will show the correct data amount." Hmmmm.

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