Friday 7 August 2015

Haircut, t shirts and a much better show

That's more like it. After a slightly stressed and unsatisfactory first night of our Edinburgh run, the second night was back on track, with a little work still to do but a much better show all round. Brand new sketch "Kitchenware" made its debut and Robert DeNiro bit the dust. The Police are developing well too, and the show ran to length (2 minutes over probably, but don't tell anyone who's able to fine me for over-running).

Of course another thing that's bound to have helped is the haircut. I went to the same place as I've gone for the last two years, Patersons, and the gang done good (well, a stylist called Kirsty did). You can see her handiwork above, at a library this morning in Oxgangs where I did the first of today's (Friday) two classes.

And of course the t shirts arrived, eventually, at 2 in the afternoon, after Hev had been stuck in all day Wednesday waiting for them and I was saddled with waiting duties through half of Thursday. I shall get round to offering them for sale to everyone once I've settled into this rather busy start to the season. Comic Art Masterclasses Wednesday & Friday, plus a day of mini-masterclasses at an intu shopping centre in Glasgow tomorrow (Saturday), and I've also managed to do a set of pre-packaged recordings with Ewan Spence on the radio. And squeezed in enough flyering to be doing okay for audiences (though Saturday & Sunday are in need of a bit of a boost, I'll see what I can do.)

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