Thursday 20 August 2015

Kids, Puns & Aegon - extra gigs

Here we see a Sock backstage selfie as the audience piles in for Fringe at Work, a special guest show organised by radio station Forth One, where a workplace wins a visiting show. On Wednesday the Socks got to appear, alongside Diane Spencer and sketch group Aunty Donna, at the offices of Aegon, an insurance company out in Gyle. And great fun it was, although, as you can possibly see, we were less spotlit than, well, silhouetted.

The lighting was better, and the audience even more sensationally responsive, at Pun Run on Monday. We only did 5 minutes, as did everyone on the star studded bill which included Milton Jones and David O'Doherty, and held our own against some incredible competition. A high point was Steve McNeil's Bee Routine. Of course we took a back stage selfie, as we did at our other guest slot...

My these modern LED lamps and digital cameras do give an unattractive picture sometimes don't they? The other guest slot you can see here, in the Banqueting Hall (big room) at the Gilded Balloon, was Kids On The Fringe on Friday morning.

For the record, the kids and Aegon got I'm A Sock and the Magic routine, and Aegon got Michael Jackson. Pun Run got some of our classic puns, plus all the ones from Minging Detectives. The Socks guest set caused a small problem in that I've swapped round the tartan layer with the main set, which meant a bit of spiky-sided velcro was exposed just by my right elbow. I didn't notice it while I was performing, then wondered afterwards why I had a grazed and bleeding elbow. I sorted it by the time of Aegon.

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre present Minging Detectives, every night at 10.30pm at the Gilded Balloon, from Aug 5th - 30th at the Edinburgh Fringe. Book now.

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