Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Up the Vennel in Edinburgh


Hev & I (and the Socks) have arrived in Edinburgh and moved into our flat, and what do you know, it turns out we're film stars already. Our flat is in Browns Place, which is off a big set of steps called The Vennel. And above you can see our actual front door, and a dramatic action scene all taking place on the Vennel itself, sometime around 60 years ago. It's a Childrens Film Foundation film from the 50s called Johnny On The Run, and the Vennel's not changed much since.

And our flyers have arrived already, 5000 of them ready to be given out to the unsuspecting punters of Edinburgh (actually if anyone's on the Royal Mile starting tomorrow and they're not expecting flyers, they really have come to the wrong city at the wrong time.)

The journey up took about 6 and a half hours, plus a lunch break, and went amazingly smoothly. Given some of the holdups I've been embroiled in throughout my January travels - I've seen three cars on their roofs and a jacknifed caravan in the last month, not to mention Hev & I getting snarled up on the way to London when someone threatened to jump off a bridge so the police had to close the roads in all directions (NB never did find out whether they jumped or not, so can only hope they didn't) - that was quite the fine start to the month.

Only hiccup so far has been the Socks Minging Detectives t shirts, which were supposed to arrive at our place on Friday and didn't. In fact they didn't arrive till 3.30 Monday, by which time we were 350 miles away in the wrong country completely. Great thanks have gone out to Sally & Gavin back home, and Richard the t shirt printer, who are getting them sent to us here.

The Vennel again, this time with the pretty lady on it.

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre are at The Gilded Balloon throughout Edinburgh Fringe 2015, August 5th - 30th. Tickets are on sale now.

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