Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Lost Beano strips / Glastonbury

Here's a seasonal treat for comics fans, a couple of hidden gems I just found in the files while sorting out (for a new strip I'm drawing for a major publisher to see print in less than a month, stay tuned).

These two strips were intended for The Beano but, for reasons I've never quite found out, they haven't seen the light of day. First up is the full colour art for Plug as Rocket Pants in "Ravers", the latest in a series of these stories. Four or five Rocket Pants stories were printed, this one was commissioned & paid for but never printed, and the remaining scripts I tweaked and published as Hot Rod Cow stories (you'll find them on my website comicfestival.co.uk.

And after this is Roger The Dodger at Glastonbury, a script, laid out in my usual biro scribble style (how I like to work) which hasn't yet been commissioned. Maybe setting stories at Glastonbury was my downfall? (Maybe we'll never know. Enjoy both)

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