Saturday 11 December 2010

Socks tour flyer 2011

Here's the front of the 2011 Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre tour flyer, what's everyone think?

I've reused the 2009 Edinburgh "Goes to Hollywood" photo which was also appeared on this year's tour flyer, because I love the photo, and it was obscured by a picture of Ali Cook on this year's flyer so I think it deserves another outing. I also think this August's "On The Telly" photo (see below), with one reading the paper and one in Star Wars costume, is a less good picture. Their faces aren't as good, and the costumes aren't as representative as this one.

The quotes are all new, count those stars, and what do you think of the TV logos? All comments welcomed, it's not too late to change anything.

Cheers, Kev F & the Socks

PS: The "On The Telly" flyer. See what I mean about the photo?

Check out the Socks Official 2011 calendar, here.

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