Sunday 30 October 2011

Edinburgh Sock Puppets?

We've done a string of gigs in the last week, some better attended than others. Hull had a good turnout, Barton an even better one. But our show on Thursday, it has to be admitted, had the poorest turnout of the week. Why would that be, I wondered. Until I saw our show's listing in the programme and on the poster outside the venue...

(click to enlarge) Edinburgh Sock Puppets? Edinburgh Sock Puppets? Who the bloody hell are the Edinburgh Sock Puppets?

Somehow, through Chinese whispers which none of us can explain, we ended up with a listing in the programme which contained our photo, and our quotes and reviews, but a totally different name. (They'd amended the website and did their utmost to publicise our show). The audience were lovely by the way, small but perfectly formed.

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