Sunday 16 December 2012

12 Days of Christmas from the Socks (on Metafilter & FW)

This is a seasonal classic that we're delighted to dredge out again, which has now been picked up by Metafilter.

No, we have no idea quite what Metafilter is, but here are people discussing our video on it:

And here we are on a site called The FW which is full of nifty stuff and I realise as I write this I am sounding older than I actually am.

Should you like this kind of thing, there is an entire Scottish Falsetto Socks Christmas videos playlist featuring 35 seasonal vids by the boys, from Coldplay Christmas through Elvis Costello's Winter Medley via Songs You Daren't Sing At Xmas and Winter Wonderland to Baby It's Cold Outside, the Hogmanay Song, the Killer Reindeer Song, and many more. Available now on K-Tel records*.

(*Not available on K-Tel records)

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