Saturday 22 December 2012

We're in the Musical Comedy Awards


An unexpected Christmas bonus, the Socks have made it into the top 40 for the heats of the 5th Annual Musical Comedy Awards. Here's how they put it:

So drum roll - and apologies for the delay in releasing the results! We are so happy with the brilliant entries this year and just want to thank everyone who entered. If you're not through, then we'd like to offer you two comps to one of th...e first round heats as a way of saying thank you for entering. If you are through, expect an email in the next day or two for organising the heats - please be ready to be flexible on dates if you can be. In no specific order, here are the 40 acts who will be taking part in the 2013 WeGotTickets Musical Comedy Awards:

1. Totally Wired (Winners of the London Irish Musical Comedy Show - through to the Quarter-Finals)
2. Helen Goodwyn
3. Sandy Foster
4. Ben Glasstone
5. Slap & Giggle
6. Hill & Weedon
7. House of Blakewell
8. Ben Champion
9. David Elms
10. Dan Lees
11. Jonny and the Baptists
12. Jo Stephenson
13. Steven Seller
14. Tamar Broadbent
15. Cecilia Delatori
16. Angus Barr
17. Ross Hughes
18. Joe Charman
19. Emily Rose Simons
20. Nat Wicks
21. Austin Francis Connection
22. Laurence Owen
23. Jenny Bede
24. Lucy Rebecca Cox
25. Gabriella Burnel
26. Hannah Brackenbury
27. We Are Goose
28. I am I am
29. Trine Munk
30. Tammy Stone
31. Eric Davidson
32. The Scottish Sock Falsetto Puppet Theatre (sic)
33. Jo Browning
34. Dave Cribb
35. Jacky Wood
36. Howard & Dan
37. Paddy Cullivan
38. Tina Turner Tea Lady
39. Christiane O' Mahony
40. I Was Once a Dinosaur

Congratulations to those who are through and we can't wait to see you perform at the competition! Here is a link to buying tickets for the first round heats - once we have the full line ups we will add the competing acts to the bill too:

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