Wednesday 9 May 2018

Dude Who I Don't Know's Name - new comics by kids

After a few weeks of travel, it was a treat to be invited to a school in Clevedon itself, All Saints Primary. The school's had a radical rebuilding and is a smashing shiny new building, with a semi-underground level, all very 21st century. And there are only two classes, so I was able to teach the whole school in a day. Captain Clevedon made a contrived return in a comic whose title, Ganze Le Einsatz, was made up by a child taking random words from a German comic (Liga Deutsche Helden, which I brought back from Hannover early this year). It translates as Whole Le Insert.

In contrast to Clevedon, Beckstone is a six hour drive away, as recorded in my Travels blog, and a couple of delightful comic titles they came up with too. These classes were organised by DC Thomson, who awarded me as a prize in a school competition.

Arlecdon was the school who were also in the Lake District, and had me for a half day, thus helping out greatly with justifying the long journey up there. I love an homage when I get the chance so, apropos of nothing, they got the front cover of Action Comic No 1 parodied as their front cover. And a nifty flipchart too, including a Jim Steranko Hulk for good measure.

When I get a good half hour before classes start, it's good to get a flipchart drawn, to which I add once the kids are there. The drawing of myself is almost always done as part of the live class, as are any pictures that look that bit more rushed or scribbled. In the All Saints/Infinity War flipchart you can tell that Doctor Who, Wonder Woman and Spider-Man were drawn more on the hoof than the rest.

The celebrities these five groups chose to star in my demonstration strip were Dwayne Johnson, Cristiano Ronaldo, David Walliams, Simon Cowell (twice).

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