Tuesday 12 March 2019

eBay - The Great Unsellables

As you probably know, I've been selling stuff on eBay, clearing out my childhood comic collection, and a vast stock of magazines and sheet music. I've been doing rather well with much of it, as reported elsewhere. However some items have been listed and relisted and failed to find a buyer.

If you want any, all my eBay items are here.

Here are the items that look like they will never sell.

4 x sheet music - Hollies, Wombles +
To Know Him Is To Love Him sheet music
All I Have To Do Is Dream sheet music
Why Do Fools Fall In Love sheet music
Living Doll sheet music
TV Tornado annual 1970
Spider Man weekly + 3 comics

Pebbles & Bamm Bamm + 3 comics
Valiant pullout comics
Radio Times Dr Who cover 2007
12 comics Action 21, Sonic, Duckula +
Super 296 + 3
2 x Radio Times Dr Who covers
5 x Radio Times Dr Who covers
3 x foreign Superman, Disney +
Rocketeer 1
Power comics 1
3 x Plastic Man
2 x Punisher

Sin City trade paperback
Total Film + 3 mags
3 x Mojo mag + Classic Rock
Fortean Times + 3 
The Listener x 3 + Sunday Times
2 x Private Eye Xmas specials
The Mask 1
Superboy 161
Superboy & LSH x 2
Marvel Spotlght
Marvel Premiere
DC Showcase 100
Silver Star 1 & 2
TMNT x 2
New Teen Titans x 2
Robocop v Terminator
DC Super Powers 1

Black & White Minstrels sheet music
6 x sheet music Brigadoon, Annie
6 x sheet music Irving Berlin
Superman 308
Superman 234
Stormwatch 1
10 x NMEs 2004-08

From which we can conclude that there’s no market for classic sheet music (though I’ve seen titles of this vintage going for high figures, the devil must be in the detail), and there are very few individual US comic titles that will sell on their own merit. (Again, I’d seen every single one of these go for a figure of £5 or more on eBay, though admittedly most were from US buyers and sellers which must be the key difference). And NMEs, no matter how big the job lot is, have to be at least 20 years old before they’ll find a buyer at all. 

If anyone wants these, they continue to go round the baggae carousel for your perusal, almost all starting at just £2.50

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