Saturday 2 March 2019

Guinea Pigs Go To War - comics by kids, Maesteg to Hannover

This week saw my travels with my art kicking in big time, beginning with Monday at Maesteg Town Hall. Two classes, two great comics (I remember I did a couple of nifty covers when I was there last time). Next time I visit, if they'll have me back, the Town Hall should have a shiny new glass extension, which is good. Maesteg deserves it.

Then there was a nearly four hour drive to Selby in North Yorkshire to give a couple of classes at Selby Library. A nice old market town with some historic buildings, and another couple of cracking comics.

Then it was to Stansted and over to Hannover (you can read about my travel fun here). Dammit Jerry is my favourite title. They weren't, of course, thinking of Seinfeld when they came up with the title (it was one of those that comes about when I suggest a kid stabs their finger in a comic and writes down the first phrase they hit) but that was what I drew. And I love my colours on Super Dog (I coloured these and the previous 6 covers in my Hannover hotel room on Thursday night).

The second day in Hannover only had one class in it, so I got the chance to go to the Museum before heading home. I also took in the Sprengel Art Gallery while I was there. A grand round trip (and unlike last year, weather didn't interfere).

The celebs these 7 groups chose to star in my legendary demonstration strip were Stan Lee, Michael Jackson, Ariana Grande, Snoop Dogg, James Bond, Dwayne Johnson and, appropriately enough for Hannover, Angela Merkel.

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