Wednesday 31 July 2019

History Of Fringe Part 7 - & Facebook translations

Brand new from the Socks, shot on location in Edinburgh, Part 7 of our History of the Edinburgh Fringe, all about the growth of multi-tenanted venues. Enjoy.

And the fun doesn't stop with the video itself. Facebook appears to have added a new subtitling feature, which automatically guesses at the words. You can then tweak this, which I have done for a bit of the video (and will finish soon). But before the tweaking, the translations are hilarious gibberish.

The Gilded Balloon has becomes Guilty Balloon, The Pleasance Dome is now The Peasants Doom, Chaplaincy Centre has become The Chocolate Center (they even spelled centre wrong)...

And Patter Hoose has become "properties fathers". Bizarrely literal transliteration there Facebook.

William Burdett-Coutts has become "William Dead where you bought that cutest".

And quite what this was I can't remember, but we definitely didn't say anything about any Muslim events!

I may leave some of the more amusing gibberish on there, but we'd probably get more viewings if people could make sense of it all.

Bonus video: The Socks made this video giving a Russian show called Forest the chance to plug their show. I doubt our few pitiful Youtube viewers will amount to a hill of beans to anyone, but it's fun to do. I've subsequently filmed some more such clips on the Royal Mile, which may make their way into a video soon.

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