Thursday 2 January 2020

Findlay Macbeth artwork begins

Today I drew the first pages of Findlay Macbeth (pages 60 and 61). Though I'm still doing some rewriting, and still getting feedback in from the people who've read it (Hev and Steve gave me the most helpful notes so far) I wanted to get an idea of how long each page would take and how my art style looks. Turns out it look exactly like it does every time, and that's good enough for me. I'm drawing the pages at A4 not, as I thought I might, A3. If I'm printing the book at A5, then this size works for me.

I traced the layout through from the pencil roughs I'd done in December, re-pencilled them all, and inked with Fudenosake pens. Start to finish, these two pages took from 1.30 to 5pm. Meaning I should be able to do 4 pages a day. That could be (optimistically) 120 pages drawn in 30 days (though my rewriting looks like it might bump the page count up a little).

So, next stop (apart from rewrites and more of this drawing lark) is a Kickstarter. Where to begin?

UPDATE: Friday Jan 3rd, page 4 - 7 rewritten and laid out. 4 pages (62 - 65) pencilled, 62 & 63 inked.
Sat Jan 4th, page 64 & 65 inked.
Fri Jan 10: 2 pages (2 & 3) pencilled & inked.
Sat Jan 11: 1 page (1) pencilled & inked.
Sun Jan 12 / Mon Jan 13: 4 pages (4 - 9) pencilled & inked.
Mon Jan 13: 2 pages (10 & 11) pencilled & inked.
Tues Jan 14: 4 pages (12 - 15) pencilled & inked.
Thurs Jan 16: 7 pages (16 - 22) pencilled & inked.
(Jobsheet continues here)

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