Thursday 19 October 2023

Midsummer NIght's Dream - work in progress


For reasons that I'll go into in more detail when I feel I can, I've started on a new graphic novel. I'm going to be tackling at least two more Shakespeare plays, both in the simple style I've just used for Richard The Third. And, in the first instance, I'll be making a few chapters for demonstration purposes. Whether I complete the whole book right now, we'll have to see.

I've begun, because it was suggested, with Midsummer Night's Dream. I know this seems weird, cos it's a play that I've already tackled (as The Midsummer Night's Dream Team in 2020), but this is a more direct adaptation, taking my comedy approach rather than anything more left field, and aimed at the 7 year old reader.

Here's my worksheet so far.

Monday Oct 16th - Conversation that leads to the idea. That afternoon I start writing script.
Tues Oct 17th - Writing more script.
Weds Oct 18th - Script for first three scenes complete, all major characters sketched out. First page & logo drawn.
Thurs Oct 19th - Page 2 - 7 drawn, pages 8 & 9 pencilled.
Fri Oct 20th - Drawn up to Page 14
Weds Oct 25th - 15 - 17 (3 pages)
Mon Oct 30th - 18 - 22 (5 pages)

Tues Nov 21st (yes, that long between stints) - 23 - 28 (5 pages) + redrawing Helena's nose
Weds Nov 22nd - 29 - 33 (5 pages)
Thu Nov 23rd - p34 (1 page)
Tues Nov 28th - 35 - 39 (5 pages)
Weds Nov 29th - 40 - 42 (3 pages) - and a first draft front cover...

To be continued...

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