Thursday 30 November 2023

Point of sale and other November musings

 Nov 1: Guess who’s got a new point of sale display then?

Get your signed copies of Richard The Third from me at or the weekend after next at #LFCC in London

Nov 2: Watched a few Tales from the Tardis intros and it is, as I suspected , a bit naff. My thought is that they’ve made these child-friendly intros and edited stories in order to put on CBBC and Disney Kids at Christmas, once a new generation have got hooked on the show.
And it might work. Having watched the intros to Earthshock and Time Meddler, we started watching Mind Robber and kept going. Hev, who’d never seen the episode, was finding it actually interesting and watchable, and it’s possible 6 year olds might too. (It’s an outstanding bit of fantasy telly for kids)
If you didn’t like the Sarah Jane Adventures, you won’t like these intros. But I think of it as getting some DVD extras without having to fork out for a box set.

Re: 2 part films

Good. Can’t think of a two part “to be continued” film that I like.
Remembering I’m the person who watched Infinity Wars, not knowing it was a Part One and was immensely frustrated by the ending.
I’ll let Back to the Future off cos that would work as a fun ending, even if they’d never made a sequel.

Nov 5: I’ll be in good company next weekend

Nov 6: Anonymous post in writers group just now:
“My question is how do I keep myself from being scammed? I paid a company called Explendid $499.. we were supposed to have our first zoom call meeting this morning but they have not called…”
Am struggling to know how to respond without sounding sarcastic. Can you hear the sound of a facepalm thru email?

Nov 10: Brand new on Amazon - The Killer Children!
Comic covers created with kids in my Comic Art Masterclasses this year. In one big full colour annual, the perfect Christmas gift!
Did you have my class? You're probably in the book.

Check it out here:

Nov 12: Re cover of Led Zep album

Lot Long. Remember that name when it comes up as a question, probably in the next series of Only Connect.

Nov 12: Shakespeare fans of the world, these are the last 10 copies of Findlay Macbeth (first edition) left in the world. After this you have to get it from Amazon print on demand or wait till I print a second edition
If I do
You’ve been warned. #YALC #LFCC

Nov 15: Blimey, my Doctor Who Colouring Book is apparently Number 25 in Childrens Books on TV & Radio on Amazon. It sold two copies last month.
Buy now, avoid disappointment.

Nov 16: While everyone's busy praising The Marvels (under, I think, the mistaken belief that it's the quality of the film that's led to the poor box office), can I take a moment to praise a film I watched, and loved, last week - The Flash.
I thought this was an excellent comedy that struck the right balance of action and humour, and didn't require any pre-knowledge to be able to enjoy it (though the fan service in-jokes worked better if you knew a bit). It had me laughing out loud (I was on a plane) and getting dewey-eyed at the perfectly resolved sad bit.
Like The Marvels, The Flash did poorly at the box office and, like The Marvels, the content of the film is not to blame. In my opinion it's a perfect storm of post-Covid theatre-going, the streaming explosion, and superhero saturation (and the chance that superheroes are seen as a pre-Covid fashion that's had its heyday) that has done for them. Guardians Of The Galaxy may be the post-Covid outlier, and all the other superhero films from WW84 & Shazam 2 thru Ant Man 2 and The Marvels are how these movies will fare in cinemas for the foreseeable future.

Nov 19: With all our talk of blockbuster movies and their relative lack of success this year, these were the stats I was looking for that made more sense of things.
Box office has recovered since the pandemic crash, but it's still only 75% of what it was in 2019. Couple that with the hubris of movies whose overblown budgets were set in the Before Times, and the ones that foolishly decided to be Part One of two or part of a series that kids have lost interest in, and the relative poor showing of things like MCU titles, Mission Impossible, and Indiana Jones are all explained.
I'm thinking out loud about stuff no-one else has been obsessed with, aren't I?

Nov 20: This weekend’s excellent film: Renfield. A great premise - Dracula’s familiar is a sort of superhero - with a perfect blend of comedy and action writing and acting. Recommended.
Only one demerit: the voice over. I’m not a fan, and think it would have been better without it.

Nov 21: Would this be a scam? It takes me to a page off Facebook sad asks for email and phone number:
⚠️ Important Notification:
Your Facebook page is scheduled for permanent deletion due to a post that has infringed upon our trademark rights. We have reached this decision after a thorough review and in accordance with our intellectual property protection policies.
If you believe this to be a misunderstanding, we kindly request you to file a complaint seeking the reinstatement of your page prior to its removal from Facebook.
We understand that this situation may impact your ongoing business operations. However, please be informed that if we do not receive a complaint from you, our decision will be final.
Your cooperation and understanding are greatly appreciated. Should you have any inquiries or apprehensions, please feel free to reach out to us.
Facebook Support Team
© Noreply Facebook. Meta Platforms, Inc., Attention: Community Support, 1 Facebook Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025”

Nov 21: Happiness is: finding your book's on sale through Waterstones
(Less happy is seeing it might take 5 weeks to arrive, so if you want it for Christmas, come straight to me!)

Nov 26: Loved the new Doctor Who, but the title sequence is a dog’s breakfast.
Previous ones have flowed, drawn the viewer in with one smooth shot, and had something new about them (Jodie’s ‘blob’ had the best take on the music, and Capaldi’s ‘clockwork’ was novel if a bit literal). This is a mish mash of the worst of the Smith intro (clouds? Who flies through clouds?) with choppy edits that make it look like they changed their minds while making it.
Just me?

Nov 27: Who else Googled Doctor Who then ended up playing a game on their phone and being stuck on the second stage forever?

What an excellent (& longer than expected) well reasoned article about the relative success of big budget movies this year.
TLDR: Don’t let anyone use Marvels as an argument against female-led movies, and success at the cinema box office means different things to different companies.

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