Friday 10 November 2023

Who Licked My Toes? - comics by kids

This week's Comic Art Masterclasses included the first classes I've done in Chepstow, which is nice, and some zig zagging between Dorset and Buckinghamshire (which, bizarrely, despite being three hours apart in bad traffic, are both in the same zone for BBC Breakfast local news. Not interesting, but true.)

Bridges Centre in Monmouth works with kids with kids who are out of school for various reasons, and the class was supposed to take place at Drybridge House (where our Monmouth Society of Authors meetings take place). It was moved to the Green Room in Chepstow, making it one of the easiest classes to get to. In contrast, the very next day I flew off to Bahrain, to work in Saudi Arabia, which is a subect for another blog.

The Swanage School in Dorset has the definite article in its name which, since I've missed it out of their comics, I ought to mention now. They were kind enough to take me for two days. But, thanks to a scheduling inevitability, the two days couldn't be consecutive and saw me travelling to Buckinghamshire inbetween days. 

Furze Down in Buckingham was a return visit for me. But somehow, in the intervening years, I'd forgotten that it was a special needs school. Had I remembered, I would have suggested I didn't work with full sized groups of 30 pupils, some of whom had quite a few educational challenges. But, what do you know, I got away with it. Two perfect classes and two grand comics.

Back to Swanage for a second day, and another splendid pair of classes. Though I must confess there were some jitters about the afternoon's comic title (...Crystal Meth) which I thought I'd managed to give an educational twist to. We're braced for the complaints.

The celebrities these eight groups chose to star in my demonstration strip were Dwayne The Rock Johnson (three times), David Tennant, Tom Holland, Abraham Lincoln, Ashley Banjo, and James Charles.

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