Thursday 21 March 2024

Bunny Finds A Machine Gun - comics by kids

The busy month of March, continuing from the over-bookable excitement of World Book Day, saw me this week travelling down to Tavistock in Devon, to Leamington Spa, to Leicester and Neath, via the most intriguing booking of the week: a return to my alma mater of fifty years ago.

Mary Tavy in Tavistock was a delightful little primary school, so small that I manage to teach virtually the entire school in a day, so I'd need them to wait four years till they've grown a whole new school full before they can have me back. A fine pair of comic creations.

St Josephs primary in Whitnash, near Leamington Spa, came up with the two titles that led to my two favourite cover designs of the year so far. When I tweeted the Bunny homage, I tagged Jamie Smart, who was lovely enough to retweet it to his thousands of followers, saying "Amazing> Schools, you should get Kev in for a comic making masterclass". Which was nice.

My triumphant return to Kibworth after fifty years away wasn't really a big deal to anyone involved. Obviously nobody who was there when I was (I left in 1976) is still working, in fact most won't still be alive. And the building, which was called The New Block when I was there for the opening in 1975, has now been so expanded as to barely resemble the old place I used to attend.

Back then, the bulk of classes were still taught in The Old Block, or Kibworth Grammar School, which has new all been divided up into houses, with an estate of new build houses where our playground, dining hall and portakabins used to stand. Other classes were scattered across Kibworth Beauchamp, with woodwork and metalwork taught in the Old School behind the Library, and science taught in a block which is now a doctors surgery opposite the village hall. Our headmaster of the time used to refer to this as the Four Site Saga. (This was hilarious in 1975).

Neath Library had organised a one off class where kids would come from the school across the road to the library. It hadn't quite worked that way, so I went over to them and, slightly rushed, did the class there. Here we see how good a flipchart can be when I spend half an hour waiting for a class to appear.

A one-odd class at Leicester library made for a fun Saturday afternoon. Sadly I didn't get a shot of the finished flipchart. Did anyone? Sold fifty quids worth of books to parents after the class, so that's nice.

The celebrities these six groups chose to appear in my demonstration strip were Mr Beast, Taylor Swift (twice), Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Donald Trump, John Cena, Tom Holland and King Charles.

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