Thursday 28 March 2024

Invasion Of The Nice Cucumber - Comics by kids in Merdon

Merdon Junior School in Chandlers Ford distinguishes itself by being the school that has had me in for the most times of any school this year, indeed this decade. Four days in one school, it's almost unheard of, and I couldn't be more grateful. Not only that, they have set a record for the highest number of books bought by pupils, who came in clutching their notes and coins to such an extent that they went home having cleared out two box-fulls of Richard The Thirds. Plus they came up with all these brilliant comics, so let's hear it for Merdon Juniors!

I have actually been to the school before, and it was sobering to work out how long ago it was. It was 2006, an astonishing 18 years ago. And how do I remember that? Because I had to get there by train, a rather convoluted route I seem to recall, as a result of 2006 containing that six month period when I found myself temporarily without a driving license (through accumulation of speeding tickets, and nothing worse, I hasten to add).

Day one was the Year 5's, and I'm already regretting letting them get away with the "ass" title. I fear my mention of Bottom being an ass in Midsummer Night's Dream sometimes opens the floodgates to that kind of thing. Blame Shakespeare, not me!

Day 2 was the Year 4's, and I was particularly pleased with the Cucumber cover, all of these being drawn during the class, while the kids are busy doing their drawings. I really don't give myself much time for these things, and am as surprised as anyone when they come out well. I still am none sure what the Skibidi Toilet meme is all about.

Day 3 was the Year 6's, and gave us another couple of cracking covers. They also proved to be the biggest book buyers, though to be fair all four years were very generous in that regard. I can't hope to sell as many books at other schools, cos I won't normally have a four day window in which to build up the cult of personality that happened here.

Day 4 was the Year 3's. And the downside of doing four days at a school like this, is that I'll have to wait until they've grown a whole new school full before they can have me back again. Let us hope it's not eighteen years this time. (Gawd, will I be doing Comic Art Masterclass in 18 years, when I'm 80? I wouldn't put it past me. Mum was!)

The celebrities these eight groups chose to appear in my demonstration strip were Donald Trump, Taylor Swift, John Cena (twice), Tom Cruise, Claudia Winkleman, Michael Jackson, and most original suggestion of the week John Bonham out of Led Zeppelin.

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