Monday, 27 February 2012

Hallo Ian - a special mention

A couple of days ago we put out a shout for suggestions of Australian Ians who we could slot into the Socks' Halloween sketch, having found that the Brit names were too unfamiliar.

Since then we've dropped the sketch from the Adelaide show, which is quite full enough. But thanks to everyone who came up with suggestions. And an extra special mention to David Jobling who has very much got the bit between his teeth and come up with an avalanche of suggestions. Here they are in their full glory...

@djobling writes: Ian Clunies-Ross 1899–1959 Bathurst, NSW. Scientist worked with animals.
Ian Chappell (correct spelling)
There was a bloke on radio in Adelaide (psuedo famous) called Barry Ian - part of the Baz and Pilko team... back in the 1980s
well probably too obvious but Ian "Molly" Meldrum... Fell off a ladder which shook the world of most Australian babyboomers.
Ian McBryde is a jazz musician and poet so famous among a certain set..
Maybe Ian 'Turps' Turpie of television fame is more your style - he went out with Olivia Newton-John in the 1960s #AussieIans
Ian Mudie another #AussieIan another poet another obscure one I guess..
Ian 'Thorpedo' Thorpe was and is a swimmer... too obvious..?
Ian Moss #AussieIans nothing to do with BARF a rock legend..
Ian Fairweather one was #Aussieians friend to Humphrey B. Bear (a tv kids show) the other a famous painter (tricky!!)
IAN HENSCHKE is a local ABC journalist (famous enough? M'be not) #AussieIans
Ian Chubb is Australia's Chief Scientist (totally not famous in the bogan set)
Monsignor Ian Dempsey #AussieIans is an Adelaide famous church dude accussed of molesting another church dude. (Dudes!)

Many thanks David, and well done Australia for having so many Ians.

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"Head-slappingly funny" - Festival Freak review
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The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre are on at The Garden Of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide at 7.45pm every night until March 18th. Tickets here.

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