Tuesday, 14 February 2012

If it ain't broke...

I type in "Captain Clevedon" in a search, not unreasonably, for my Captain Clevedon page, and Facebook helpfully says "No results found for your query", adding a patronising "Check your spelling or try another term". Has my Captain Clevedon page vanished I suddenly wonder? No, it's listed not once but twice below.

Idiot. Another self-inflicted nail in the coffin of Facebook.

I wonder if MySpace is still open?

Why do people keep trying to improve my internet? I waste quite enough time thankyou very much updating blogs, responding to forums about largely irrelevant subjects, trying to find people striving to attract my attention on Facebook, and of course Tweeting. So why make my life harder by rearranging the furniture and redecorating walls that looked perfectly fine to me and, if anything, were just beginning to develop the attractive warm patina of familiarity?

New look Twitter has appeared on my screen today (after a few days of everyone else moaning about it and me having no idea what they were on about) and it is, of course, disconcerting and annoying. Of course I'll get used to it within a day, but right now all I can see is my real name in bold lettering instead of my twitter name, and something missing but I can't remember what.

But then I go to Facebook, which has spent months trying to shed users with its sparse and unloveable "Timeline" and its telepathically suggested adverts which make the whole set-up feel like you're being watched by the CIA, to find they've gone even clunkier than they were yesterday. Yesterday, when I would type into the Search box the names of the Groups or Pages I was looking for, the spooky clairvoyant mind-reading search engine would have listed all likely suspects before I was four characters in. And tonight? Tonight..? (Return to top of page)

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