Friday 10 February 2012

Snowmum! + Leicester latest

Thanks to everyone who came to last night's Scottish Falsetto Socks gig at Kayal in Leicester. A very good sized crowd who made a brilliant noise and allowed us to test out some new stuff (including our first Boo Lingerie gags and two thirds of Sherlock - the last bit got missed because our show had to start 10 minutes late and couldn't overrun. And by the way, thanks to the comedians from the gong show who turned up at the end of our show and stood there chatting at the back, that helped.) A brilliant show, and to show our gratitude, here's a Snowmum:

This is my Mum's first ever snowman, or certainly the first one I've ever seen her make (and I've been around for quite a few winters now, did I mention my first winter in Aberdeen when the snowdrift went right up to the eaves of the roof?). This shows the benefits of going to art college (Mum went to Edinburgh College of Art in the 1950s, did you hear the story about how her life model was Sean Connery?) Definite contender for best snowmum ever.

Meantime we have a few concerns with tonight's show (Scottish Falsetto Socks at Kayal, Leicester Comedy Festival, 2nd night out of three).

The listing page now says 7pm start and the venue page now says 8pm start!

The correct start time is 8pm, but I have no way of knowing which time the ticket-buying punters are expecting us to start at, so the Socks and I will be there ready for an audience coming in at 7pm and, maybe, they'll get a longer show than they expected. Either way, we'll get a longer show than last night, and let's see if we can do all of Sherlock this time.

See you all there.


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