Monday, 6 February 2012

The Joy Of Retweets

Did I ever mention I'm quite vain, shallow and star struck? I know, it's hard to believe, but while I'm beavering away here on Twitter, pathetically self-promoting my own productions with the desperation of an eight year old ADHD sufferer, I'm actually quite easily distracted and stupidly flattered when anyone takes the slightest bit of notice of anything I say.

So imagine my delight when I get retweeted by actual famous people and they say nice things about either my gags or The Socks. Sometimes both. Here, from last night are some Twitter exchanges. Can you guess which one made me do a little dance round the lounge? I know. Pathetic.

@ThePunRun Pun Run
RT @falsettosocks: I entered the Poetry Olympics. I was in the Iambic Penthathlon. I was beaten by a meter. It could be verse. #PNC
(So far retweeted by at least 20 people, one of whom was..)

@Beathhigh Ian Rankin
RT @falsettosocks I was in the Poetry Olympics. I got a gold in the Synchronised Not Waving But Drowning @ThePunRun

@Beathhigh Thanks for the retweet. Don't tempt me to write even worse puns, please.

@valmcdermid Val McDermid
@falsettosocks At the risk of being embarrassing, our household adores the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre. And so does he. & so do I

@Beathhigh Ian Rankin
@falsettosocks You need a hashtag for that #stopmebeforeipunagain

@valmcdermid Val McDermid
@Beathhigh @falsettosocks #stopmeandbuypun

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