Thursday, 23 February 2012

Ian who? Translating into Strine

The Socks had fun last night trying to translate one of our favourite routines into Australian (and don't worry, we weren't actually trying to talk Strine). The routine is our Halloween routine which has always knocked em dead at home, it's even gone down well in Denmark and Holland. But, as you can see from this Edinburgh performance, some of the references might not be that international...

So we put out the shout on Twitter yesterday to find some Australian Ians to drop into the routine. Thanks to the Twitterati who responded. Easily the most obscure suggestion was:

@DJobling Ian Clunies-Ross 1899–1959 Bathurst, NSW. Scientist worked with animals.

Thanks David, we didn't try that one out on them. Other popular suggestions were Ian Chappell (cricketer from the 70s) and Ian Smith (Harold Bishop in Neighbours). So we tried those out last night, along with Ian Kiernan (Clean Up Australia campaigner), Ian Baker-Finch (golfer), and politician Ian McDonald (there's two of them, one who called the Green Party Nazis and one who fiddled his expenses). And the response?

Nuttin'. We got better laughs from saying Ian Paisley and Ian Duncan-Smith then acknowledging the fact that no-one had the faintest idea what we're talking about. So what did we learn from that exercise? a) Sometimes you don't have to fix it cos it ain't broke. And b) some people on Wikipedia sound way famouser than they actually are.

Burke's Backyard gets a laugh and, when you come along, keep your ears open for a mention of Elizabeth. Kills every time.

Now if you'll excuse us, the set got damaged last night when someone fell ass over tit off the back of the stage at the end of the show, so we're getting busy with some sellotape and kebab skewers - you don't know how this is done and don't pretend you do. Oh and today's temperature? 37 degrees. This can only be fun.

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre are on at The Garden Of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide at 7.45pm every night until March 18th. Tickets here.

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