Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Kev's Edinburgh sketchbook 1984

As Edinburgh Fringe 2012 soars into its final blockbusting sellout week, and the debate continues to rage/waffle/whinge on (delete as appropriate) as to the Fringe's future and how it got into its current state, I am reminded of this, the sketchbook I drew on my very first visit to Edinburgh in 1984. I've collected it up into a book, which you can buy for just £2.99 if you are so inclined (click to see more and get such details). It captures an Edinburgh which is easily recognisable and also interesting to contrast with the current whirlwind comedy-filled scrum. I also think one of my drawings is worth a hundred Facebook snapshots (says he, about to upload those very sketches onto Facebook). Enjoy a couple of glimpses.

Kev F Comic Artist's very good friends The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre present not one but two new shows at the Edinburgh Fringe 2012: Boo Lingerie - A Socky Horror Show every night at 10.40pm and Chunky Woollen Nits - The Family-Friendly Hour at 11am. Tickets are now on sale, book now!

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