Thursday 16 August 2012

The Socks on BBC Three Free Speech

Yes, we were on BBC Three last night, on the live debate show Free Speech. Watch us now on iPlayer...

Oh, you didn't just watch the whole show did you? Sorry, should have explained, we don't appear till the end credits (scroll forward to the 55 minute mark). Brilliant to have a slot all to ourselves, however short, though we have to say we recorded funnier bits. We recorded bits about Scottish oil - "hands off my oil, I've got it in a wee can in the garage like that MP suggested" - and needing passports to get out of Scotland - "wouldn't fingerprints and retina scans be difficult for us?". And what do they use? An outtake, though to be honest that was probably funnier than the actual punchline.

And the words bleeped out at the end? Let's see if you can guess.

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