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Socks Three Weeks Quick Quiz

Friday July 13th, 2012 14:18

Quick Quiz – Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre

Sock Puppet Theatre
ED2012 QUICK QUIZ: Ah, the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre. You’ve checked their YouTube channel right? Well, if not, there’s nothing I can write here that will introduce you to this lot better. Though I can tell you they have two shows this year, a late night affair, and one for the kids in the morning. And here’s their Quick Quiz.
TW: Tell us about your 2012 show in no more than 60 words.
SFSPT: That’s not fair, we have two shows a day so that’s only 30 words each. And we’ve just used twenty of them. Dammit, twenty-one. Twenty-two. Okay, this isn’t going well, quick, think. (Thirty) I know it’s thirty! Shut up! (Thirty-six) That is not helping, idiot! (Forty) Er, double act..uh… Socks…um, help, funny (Fifty) That bloody does it! Come here you little.
TW: Tell us about another show or performer you’re looking forward to seeing this year.
SFSPT: Morgan & West the Time-Travelling Magicians went to Adelaide with us earlier this year and they’re excellent. And time-travellers, so they’ll probably manage the two shows a day thing better than us (both shows at Gilded Balloon Teviot).
TW: How will you be preparing for the Fringe this year?
SFSPT: Practising not using sweary-words ready for our first ever family-friendly show which we’ll be doing in the mornings. We then have to remember all the sweary words again for the show at night. Don’t swear in front of 7 year olds, do swear in front of drunks, that’s easy to remember. Surely nothing can go wrong.
TW: What advice would you have for someone coming to the Fringe for the first time?
SFSPT: Come in 1984, it’s way quieter. The time-travelling magicians told us that.
TW: If your show was an Olympic sport, what would it be and why?
SFSPT: We actually entered the Poetry Olympics once. We were in the Synchronised Not Waving But Drowning. B’doom-tish. We’re on all month, try the fish.
Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre – Boo Lingerie!, Gilded Balloon Teviot, 1-26 Aug, 10.40pm. 
Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre – Chunky Woollen Nits, Gilded Balloon Teviot, 2-26 Aug (Thu-Sun), 11.00am.

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