Thursday, 30 August 2012

Tales of Nambygate - on Kindle for the first time

Attention comic fans, and lovers of peurile graphic novelties everywhere! Good news for all our readers, The Rev F Sutherland's meisterwork Tales Of Nambygate is now available as a Kindle book for the first time. Click below to see a free sample.

Not the entire collection of stories, yet, just the self-contained adventure The Nitpicker General, originally serialised in the final issues of Gas magazine way back in 1991, and collected up in the Tales Of Nambygate graphic novel, the printed edition of which you can still get from Indy Planet for only $8.99.

Enjoy this pun-filled bundle of fun for little over a quid on Kindle, and sample it for free now. If it's popular, further Tales of Nambygate will follow soon.

The original comic pages looked like the picture above (and some are also included like this in the book). However in the Kindle version they are entirely repaginated to 1 or 2 images per screen, like so:

These and other atrocious gags (part of a genuinely marvellous self-contained adventure) can be yours in Tales of Nambygate - The Nitpicker General on Kindle. Sample it for free now.

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