Sunday, 19 August 2012

"This is the show for you" - Primary Times on Chunky Woollen Nits

They don't give stars at the Primary Times, but if they did, I'm sure this review would be a 6.

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre


Helen Tulloch, Connor Whyte (10), Logan Whyte (9)
Dates:                   Aug 17 – 19, 24 – 26 |   11.00am

If you want a show to entertain you and make you laugh as much as the children you accompany, then this is the show for you.   The script skates fearlessly on the edge of adult and child humour,  with kids splitting their sides at the same time as adults, each enjoying their own interpretation of the humour.  The show (advertised for the over 7year olds) is packed with hilarious, off the cuff innuendos, outrageous humour and clever comedy.  You had to continually remind yourself it is a ‘one man does all’ to appreciate the sheer talent and sharpness of the delivery.  With plenty of eager audience participation from both children and adults, the show kept everyone engaged for the hour long performance, from start to finish.

The puppets, though simply done, are extremely funny with bug-eyes and numerous costume changes as they moved through their repertoire. The guitar and piano additions are very amusing and the costume disasters added to the humour and delighted  the children in the audience. 

I took my 9 and 10 year old grandchildren who both laughed their way through the entire hour-long show.  They enjoying the audience participation and ever-so-slightly occasional risqué humour. They enjoyed the entire show and chatted excitedly afterward recalling their funniest bits of the show and laughing again at the content they remembered best, both finding it difficult to choose their favourite part of the show, however,  the post-code sketch definitely featured along with Michael Jackson’s ‘Earth Song’ interpretation, which was my favourite!.

I would thoroughly recommend this show for the 7+ age group  and I was very pleasantly surprised at how much I too was entertained.   I will certainly not put on a sock for a long time without smirking!!

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