Wednesday, 8 August 2012

No 4 Top Rated Show at Edinburgh 2012 = us

Let's enjoy it while it lasts. Currently, on The Lists's, er, list of the top rated shows at Edinburgh so far, we're in joint 4th place:

By the way, the Socks and I are fully aware that this blog has turned into an annoying gloat-athon, of interest only to us. But what can we say, we're having a great time. The audiences have been fantastic, the reviews likewise, and even the weather's beautiful (we learn that, back home, there's been flooding. Sorry).

Doing two shows is a novel and exhausting experience, with the kids show getting the better reviews but the smaller crowds, and each competing against the other for sales. At time of writing, Chunky Woollen Nit's sales are just between 2007's & 08's sales, Boo Lingerie's sales are between 08 & 09's sales, and the two shows combined are about to overtake 2010's sales, our previous high. This suggests that, had we just done one show instead of two (and allowed kids in), we'd have our best sales ever. As it is, we're still selling well enough to make most other shows in Edinburgh jealous. And I realise that hasn't served to make this blog any less gloaty, has it? Sorry again.

Oh. Did we not mention? Went for a drink after the show with my childhood hero Dean Friedman. I know.

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre present not one but two new shows at the Edinburgh Fringe 2012: Boo Lingerie - A Socky Horror Show every night at 10.40pm and Chunky Woollen Nits - The Family-Friendly Hour at 11am. Tickets are now on sale, book now!

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