Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Calm before the storm, days before the Fringe

There had to be something go wrong, and there it is. A parking ticket for the stupidest of reasons: I use a Parking app on the phone, which is simple and convenient, but which also seems to have memorised the number plate of a hire car I drove last month. So, having parked my car successfully a few times since we got up here on Monday, I then parked up near the Gilded Balloon to do my sound check and came back to find a ticket. I'd paid £5.40 to park for two hours, but unfortunately in my haste I'd paid to park the wrong car. I'm appealing. But then, you knew that.

Tuesday night we went to the launch party for Edinburgh Festivals Magazine, which was quite jolly. Free gin cocktails, and a good few acts on stage struggling bravely against the fact that nobody wanted to stop talking to listen to them, naturally. Australian comedy magic act called Peter And Bambi Heaven (aka Asher Treleavan) were the best fun. Also a woman singing who we thought might by Lyn Ferguson but most likely wasn't. Did I mention we were right at the back of a big Spiegeltent? And this is, of course, the last time I'll be able to have a drink before midnight for the rest of the month.

From today (Wednesday) I'll start flyering, and of course performing, and maybe even seeing some other shows. But driving up on Monday has given us a relaxing start to the festival. My sound check, with my new technician Steve, went smoothly on Tuesday morning (parking ticket notwithstanding), the flyers and posters arrived on time, I managed to meet everyone at my venue without embarrassing myself by not remembering people. So far so good. And ticket sales good too. And I wrote an apologetic blog, putting the memory of last year's Minging Detectives show behind us at last.

I've also been pretty busy with The Sitcom Trials, designing the flyers, putting out tweets. And I have the crazy notion that, during the day while I'm here, I'll be producing artwork for Book Of Esther. I've brought it with me. Will I get anything drawn? Let us see.

The downside of arriving 2 days early for ? I just said "we should totally go to a show right now.... oh"

Hoovering up loads of these little rubber letters. Couldn't work out why. Coincidentally, like my new slippers?

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre do Shakespeare every night at 10.30pm at the Gilded Balloon at the Edinburgh Fringe August 2016. BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment

★★★★★ "Accessible, contemporary and ridiculous" - Brighton Argus May 2016
★★★★ "Eat your heart out, Olivier" - What's On May 2016 
★★★★ "Comedy genius at work" - Theatre Bath April 2016 

Aug 3 - 29 - 10.30pm The Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh Fringe 

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