Sunday 7 August 2016

Lovely day with Mum in Edinburgh

An unexpected treat this year has been having a visit from Mum to stay overnight with us in our Edinburgh flat. She's been doing her travels, seeing Jude & the family in Durham (them en route to the Highlands then Ireland) then the various dozens of friends and family in Newburgh, Montrose and around, then stopping with us on her way back down.

We made a point of visiting Edinburgh College Of Art, from which Mum graduated in 1957. This was her first return there in 59 years, and it hasn't changed much. Did she ever mention Sean Connery was her life model? We also took in the exhibition at Dovecot studios, and went to the National Portrait Gallery and passed through the Museum on our way to look at the Gilded Balloon (in Teviot, her old student union), and all points of interest. A really pleasant day and a bit, with Mum sleeping on a blow up bed (borrowed from Jude) in the lounge. I didn't trouble mum or Hev to come to my show, which they can live without seeing again.

Catherine Corral Sutherland outside Edinburgh College of Art from where she graduated with a Diploma in Art in 1957.

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