Friday, 5 August 2016

Justin Bieber Dies From A Mongoose Attack - comics by kids

As I write this, I'm deep in the hurly burly of the Edinburgh Fringe, and these comics seem so long ago. Can it only be a week ago that the kids of the South West produced these works of genius in my final Comic Art Masterclasses of July? The above from one of a couple of days working with soon-to-be Year 7s at Backwell school.

These are from Saturday classes at Porthcawl Pavilion. Always good to have an excuse to do an EC comics cover and to (vainly) try and introduce 11 year olds to the existence of Tales From The Crypt. Did I mention they come up with all these ideas, and we choose the favourite from up to 30 suggestions?

And have I mentioned that, once a title comes up with Donald Trump in, they can find nothing funnier than to vote for that one? Trump trumps all, it would seem. And here, again from Backwell, you see me getting my first, and possibly only, chance to draw Theresa May. Falling down the loo. Obviously.

These are a couple of odder classes. The first from the OSO Arts Centre in Barnes, prior to me doing a Socks gig there in the evening, and the second from a vicarage near Yeovil where we set out to do a Biblical themed comic class. I'm supposed to be working on the artwork for my Book Of Esther while I'm up here by the way, very much being the Biblical comic artist de nos jours, don't cha know.

The celebrities this lot chose for my demonstration strip were Will Smith, Donald Trump (twice), Barack Obama, Taylor Swift, Elvis Presley, Keith Lemon and, most original of the week, Albert Einstein.

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