Thursday, 25 August 2016

★★★★★ "Genius!" "Hilarious" etc - Edfringe Reviews

I totally forgot that there are reviews by the public on the site. Check them out, they're 99% lovely:

Maggie18 days ago

I'd you have never seen the Socks before, prepare to have your mind blown (and possibly warped and melted from the utter hilarity). If you have seen the Socks before, prepare to have your mind blown, and possibly warped and melted from the utter hilarity. The Socks never disappoint.

Maria Paul17 days ago

Genius. Hilarity in doublet, ruffs and tights
Laugh a minute. Great costumes . How on earth does he do it all? Highly recommended.

Sheila Brisland17 days ago

Hilarious! Some of the best costumes I've ever seen on a sock. Some of the best jokes I've heard from a pair of socks! Not to be missed.

Francesca Collis13 days ago

This was a late show for us so we were all very tired. But it was worth staying up for. Very inventive, silly, clever and very, very funny. A unique Fringe experience and highly recommended.

Graham Bull11 days ago

This is an absolute hoot! Daft, irreverent, saucy, silly gags you've heard before, erudite ones you will not have heard. Something for everyone who has ever seen or heard or read a Shakespeare play. If you hated the Bard at school, go and see this. You will love it. There's even a few Nonny Nonny's thrown in for good measure.

George Forsyth10 days ago

A Fringe stalwart - The Socks. I've enjoyed 'their' show 3 or 4 times before but this was the funniest. One of the best hours you can have at the Edinburgh Fringe. The couple next to us spent most of the time crying with laughter. If there had been room for them to roll on the floor, I'm sure they would have.

A room as hot as a sauna but that, in my experience, is all part of a FSPT show. (5 stars+)

Piffy9 days ago

Heard great reviews of this and was disappointed in that I was hoping for a funnier set. That said, the ad-libing was good as were the puppet costumes. Definitely catered for a younger audience but a start time of 22.30 is way too late for the kiddies.

Richard L8 days ago

Lots of fun as always.

Fiona A5 days ago

Never fails to amuse. Another very funny shows centred around two socks. Daft but great fun, you can't fail to love the socks.

Chrispy3 days ago

This show is what the Fringe is all about: 100 people crammed into a sweltering makeshift auditorium (which was probably the bin store a month ago), battling against the sound of another show leaking through the curtained walls, watching a man wearing two socks on his hands making jokes about Shakespeare. Magnificent....

Richard Hardy2 days ago

discovered the Socks by accident last year, and paid a repeat visit this year during preview week (cheap tickets appeal to my Yorkshire soul). Easy to see why the Socks are a festival institution, more difficult to understand how easily I can be fooled that two pieces of hosiery on opposite hands of the same bloke can different personalities.....Puns galore, mixed in with some deeper humour that can sometimes be missed due to the constant verbal barrage and late hour, so pay attention. Already looking forward to next year

Spacepuffin2 days ago

See this! It's original and well performed. How two socks, one bloke and a tartan curtain can be so amusing is baffling. The show drops into a lull about 30 mins in but picks up pace again in the last 10-15 mins. Give it a go, there's nothing else like it.

Ginny Nobleabout 12 hours ago

An absolute joy. I laugh until I cry and have seen the sock puppets 3 times now over various years. Must see

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★★★★★ "Accessible, contemporary and ridiculous" - Brighton Argus May 2016

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