Tuesday, 17 November 2020

32 Agents emailed

Today I have mostly been emailing agents, this time pitching Midsummer Night's Dream Team. I found their names on this list, and emailed 32 of them. 11 send an automatic email of receipt, plus one that was so well worded I choose to believe it was written by hand. (If it was, then top marks to go Lucy Irvine of PFD).

These 32 agents were all in the UK. In the summer I seem to have concentrated my fire on US agents, only including a few Brits. However I have definitely emailed Brits, as I discovered when I typed one name into the email, only for it to auto-fill and throw up an email I'd sent back in September.

"How could I have forgotten sending that so recently" I thought to myself. Until taking a closer look and realising I had emailed her in September 2018 (at that time plugging my Women Of The Bible stories, which are waiting to see print still, but that's another story). She still hadn't quite got back to me.

Let us see what response, if any, I get from these enquiries. The agents I emailed were (in no particular order):

PFD, United Agents, RCW, Watson Little, Ki, Soho Agency, The Bent Agency, Ampersand, Teresa Chris, Sophie Hicks, Rocking Chair Books, Pew Literary, North Bank Talent, Miles Stott, Marjacq, Lutyens Rubenstein, LBA Books, KHLA, Johnson and Alcock, Jo Unwin, Janklow, Holroyde Cartey, Hardman Swainson, Greene Heaton, Dorie Simmonds, Eddison Pearson, DKW, Darley Anderson, Christine Green, Caroline Sheldon, Bell Lomax, and Artellus. 

My day of emailing was sparked by receiving a polite rejection from the 12th US agent this morning. 

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