Friday, 13 November 2020

Socks Facebook lunchtime gig


By way of experiment, as much as anything, the Socks just did a short free tryout gig on Facebook this lunchtime (Friday 13th). If it's still there, you'll find it here

We gave them I'm A Sock, the What Kind Of..? Covid song, and 4 Horsemen, with a short Hitchcock routine (from Hallo Ian), Shall I Compare Thee (from Shakespeare) and other gags loosely strung together. It was just 20 minutes long, and served to show that I can stream live from Zoom to Facebook, and pick up viewers with just 45 minutes advance warning. My thought is that, perhaps, occasional short free gigs can serve to build publicity for our main paying gigs.

We got a few comments:

Chris Laidlaw Hehe

Jenni Hirst Brilliant. Cheers, guys!

Michael Mooney 👏

Nick Ratcliffe Thank you.

John Logan Thanks saw you in Belfast. Hilarious

Mike Collins 👏👏👏

Michael Ratcliffe 👏

Nick Ratcliffe 👏👏

Jenni Hirst 😂👏👏

Lindsey David Vigor Loving this - what an unexpected treat

Rod Crawford Toes surely? For the cutting.

Michael Mooney Getting smooth with the segues into videos (though the levels go to pot)

Nick Ratcliffe Sound a bit distant?

Garry D. Philip Love it. Even the ad-lib fluffs 🙂 Glad I’m old enough to get the gross 🙂

Nick Ratcliffe Blood, Blood !!

Jenni Hirst Yay, blood!!

Nick Ratcliffe Hallo Ian?

Michael Mooney He'll forever after by Grayson Grayson Perry Perry to me.

Garry D. Philip Badum tish 🙂

Nick Ratcliffe and we're back in the room...

Garry D. Philip Trained musicians 🙂

Lindsey David Vigor Wonderful surprise

Jenni Hirst Well, this is an unexpected delight ❤

Nick Ratcliffe Seamless!!

Garry D. Philip Unexpected after work bonus

Rod Crawford Its popular with me.

Nick Ratcliffe Bonus Socks gig.... 😀

John Logan Stop luke and listen

Rod Crawford Brilliant Would watch in future.

Lindsey David Vigor Yyyaaaayyyyyyyyyy

Nick Ratcliffe 👏👏

John Logan Tourette's helpline for an idea

Michael Mooney Tartan guitar

John Logan Ssh they don't know how its done

Michael Mooney Loving the logo

Shane Poole It will work at some point

Okay, now I read the 42 comments and realise they came from the same half dozen people, maybe I had been a little overexcited about the sudden size of our audience. Still, from little acorns...

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