Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Emergency Replacement Zoom Gig Nov 7th

 As had been expected when I named it the Fingers Crossed Tour, half the shows I'd lined up have been cancelled by the latest lockdown. The first of which, November 7th's Old Joint Stock Theatre show in Birmingham, I've replaced with a Zoom show.

It'll be the first time we've performed ROLL UP online. And, though I doubt we'll get the same size audience as we did for Hallo Ian, with less than a week's notice, it'll be fun to do. And, having warmed it up and prepared it this week, I'll be able to wheel out another online performance of it in the Spring, which had been my original plan. (And we still have Minging Detectives and Superheroes to perform in full online, as well as all this new stuff we seem to be coming up with. Good to have such an archive to fall back on.)

Tickets are here, tell the world. Next stop after that, the Xmas Special.

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