Wednesday 26 August 2009

Edinburgh Comedy Awards travesty

I'm bugged by the myopia of the judges in this year's Edinburgh Comedy Awards. Of all the contenders,

Idiots Of Ants: This is War
John Bishop: Elvis Has Left The Building
Jon Richardson: This Guy At Night
Russell Kane: Human Dressage
Tim Key: The Slutcracker
Tom Wrigglesworth’s Open Return Letter to Richard Branson
Carl Donnelly: Relax Everyone, It’s Carl Donnelly
Jack Whitehall: Nearly Rebellious
Jonny Sweet: Mostly About Arthur
Kevin Bridges: An Hour To Sing For Your Soul
Pete Johansson: Naked Pictures Of My Life

... two are on at the Underbelly, and the remaining NINE are on at the Pleasance!

Nine shows from the one venue? Are we really saying that there were no good acts at the Assembly Rooms, at the Gilded Balloon, on the 5 Pound Fringe, on the Free Fringe? At some other venue like the GRV or the Tron? Come on, it is an insult to Edinburgh Comedy and I cannot believe I am the only person who's really wound up about it.


WriterCharly said...

Kev, I think you might be right m'dear. Definitely a fishy situation.

Have you got those stickers out? Plaster the Pleasance!


Unknown said...

Or is it that The Pleasance were simply better at programming their comedy....?

Elise said...

It was a very similar situation last year, as I recall. It's a joke of an award (but not in a good way).

pmrussell said...

Tragedy, Scandal, calamity,dishonorable,dubious, impugnable, polemic are just a few words you can use when writing your editorial to the judiciaries and general Overlords of this feudalistic team of magistrates. Then again, who needs a biased award that obviously solicited kickbacks from the nominee's venues? Your venue apparantly forgot to pay the piper? We have the same thing where I am. Only the select elite get press time and glorious recognition after greasing a few palms who shall remain nameless. I've already said too much.

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