Saturday 8 August 2009

Socks t shirts available, in Edinburgh only

Attention Socks fans, I have a limited edition of Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre 2009 t shirts with me here in Edinburgh, and you can buy them from me, direct for just £12 each. The sizes are limited to what's in stock.

I have:
Small (1 left)
Medium (3 left)
Large (3 left)
XL (2 left)
XXL (1 left)
Ladfit L (1 left)
Ladyfit M (1 left)

And they look like this:

To get one you'll need to text me on 07931 810858 saying what size you want, and we'll arrange a pick up time. Ideal pick up location will be outside the Gilded Balloon where I flyer, and this weekend would be the best time to get one. Get them while they exist.

Also I have found, in the same box, the last remaining 2007 design t shirts, in very odd sizes. I have:
Ladyfit S (3 left)
Ladyfit M (1 left)
XL (1 left)
Kid aged 9-10 (1 left)

These too are £12 each, cash only, text me to get one. They look like this, but on black and worn by someone younger (I don't now who this guy is in the photo, I got it off the internet):


Kev F, Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre
07931 810858

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