Friday 13 January 2012

Louise's funeral, the music

Today we had the mixed blessing of attending Louise's funeral. (I've remembered her in an earlier blog full of music).

She died in November in Israel aged way too young (our age, that's always too young) and the funeral was today in Torquay. The first good part of the day was meeting old friends we don't see too often (one I hadn't met for nearly thirty years, that's really far too long); and the second was the music Louise had chosen for her funeral (and don't we wish we'd all had that conversation when there was time? Tip: have that conversation) which comprised just three tracks (I'm guessing they only allow you three, which suggests we should all be working harder to get on Desert Island Discs), all of which were spot on (and the last of which I'd chosen myself in my musical tribute to Lou. Good guess).

Enjoy them and remember Louise. If you didn't know her, then think about the most marvellous of people who you wish was still with us.

Kev F

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