Thursday 16 May 2013

★★★★ Latest 7 review for Socks in Space in Brighton

Scottish Falsetto Socks: In Space

Surely a cult favourite of Fringe festivals nationwide and abroad, this Punch and Judy-style sock puppet show, the brainchild of Aberdeen-born Kev F Sutherland, offers a chaotic hour somewhere between The Beano (which he also writes for) and the slapstick crudeness of Bottom. Technically a science fiction-themed night, the two loveably stupid and brilliantly risqué (particularly with a nine-year-old in the audience!) stars of the show hurled all sorts of hilarious and unashamedly terrible puns, film references and knowing self-reference into an irresistible broth. If you haven’t seen the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre and are of a somewhat silly disposition, this gloriously anarchic act comes highly recommended.
Komedia Studio, 10 May 2013
Rating: ★★★★☆
Nick Aldwinckle

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