Saturday 25 May 2013

Socks blitz Happyness in Inverness

Yes, that's the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre performing in the open air on a beautifully sunny and challengingly windy day in the middle of Inverness, doing a cracking half hour set, though we say so ourselves, in Falcon Square. That being only part of a weekend of gigs which will see the Socks performing 7 times in Inverness. (Thanks to ‏@HappynessFest for the photos).

"..stormed their adult show" Scottish Falsetto Socks get a nice mention in The Scotsman's review of @HappynessFest

Above you see our 1pm appearance in Falcon Square, which went down very well to a mixed crowd of parents and toddlers, following hot on the heels of our 12 midday show, also outdoors in the grounds of Eden Court Theatre (where we had the pleasure of playing indoors, headling the Gilded Balloon comedy tour bill, just two or three weeks ago). We then went back to Eden Court for a 3pm appearance and, at time of writing, still have to look forward to this evening's appearance on the comedy bill at Hootenanny's alongside Ben Norris, Janey Godley, Davey Connor & Stuart Mitchell.

Then tomorrow we do it all again. Well a midday and a 2pm show at each of the outside venues, and another comedy club line up at 9.15. Busy busy busy, all part of the Gilded Balloon's jam-packed Happyness Comedy Festival which extends over the long weekend and has been blessed with sunny weather, uncharacteristic for this the coldest May on record.

And there we see the Happyness logo as nail art, and why not. In the three shows The Socks have done so far, we've tried to vary the set list, for my interest as much as anyone else's. So at 12pm they got: Halloween, Earth Song, Magic, at 1pm they got: Period Drama, Earth Song, Magic, Are The Stars / You Never Close, and at 3pm they got: What's Missing off TV, I Change The Key, Cross Channel Superman, Earth Song, West Side Story, Star Wars. Tonight they'll get walk On The Wild Side and Sweary Poppins (two items you definitely can't perform in front of 6 year olds) and who knows what else? I'll be as surprised as anyone.

Update (11pm): The evening headline slot went brilliantly and, perversely, turned out to be shorter than the daytime slots at just 20 minutes. So they just got: Ship In a Bottle, Walk On The Wild Side, Magic & Sweary Poppins and somehow that's 20 minutes.

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