Wednesday 15 May 2013

Who On Earth Is Elvis & What Is He Doing In My Grandma's Spaceship? - more comics by kids

What with Easter. Bank Holidays, and Socks gigs, it's been a quiet month for the Comic Art Masterclasses, but this bundle is well worth the wait. Above you see the covers of comics produced by kids in (and prepare yourself for all points of the compass, I challenge you to spot one I've missed):

Swansea, Manchester, Inverness, The Isle of Wight, Basingstoke, and Blackwood.

The celebs suggested by the kids, for the demonstration strip, were Cheryl Cole, Simon Cowell, Angelina Jolie, Bob Marley (twice), Harry Hill, Nicky Minaj & one unknown. You can find plenty more examples of the kids creations on my website, including this lot:

I Flushed My Magical Penguin Down The Toilet - Mar 2013
The Bean Men - Feb 2013
Aquatic Owls vs The Moon - Dec 2012
The Hairy Bottom - July 2012
Kid Afro Spaghetti - June 2012
Fartimouse Owl - May 2012

If anyone wants me to come and show their kids how to do what I've been doing for a living for the last two decades in my far-famed and much-loved Comic Art Masterclasses, drop me a line, a comment, a Twitter, smoke signals, the usual methods. Click below to see more, including video and contact details.

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