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Peter Capaldi Fringe sketch censored after walk out

August 14, 2013 by John-Paul Stephenson in News with 0 Comments

A sketch featuring Malcolm Tucker as Doctor Who has been removed from a show following three complaints and a walk out.

Artist Kev F. Sutherland created the sketch for his Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre Edinburgh Fringe show following the announcement that Peter Capaldi will replace Matt Smith as The Doctor.
The announcement immediately led to a deluge of jokes across social media about how Malcolm Tucker, Capaldi’s character in The Thick of It, is known for swearing.
Sutherland quickly created the sketch for the show, which begins at 10:15pm at the Gilded Balloon.

However, after performing the sketch for a week, a family walked out of last night’s performance, with further complaints logged with the Gilded Balloon.

Sutherland told Giggle Beats that he thought that he was easing in younger audiences gently.

He said: “Surely every kid has Googled Peter Capaldi and has seen the real thing.”
“The socks got a bit carried away. When you do Malcolm Tucker as Doctor Who, you do get carried away!”

Sutherland says that the venue gave him the option of either removing the sketch, or raising the show’s 12A age restriction.

As it was only a minute in length, he chose to remove the sketch rather than turn away younger audiences.

Last year, the Falsetto Socks performed two Fringe shows per day: a children-friendly morning show, with an evening performance which was more appropriate for adults.

Judge for yourself; watch the offending sketch:

It is not work safe or suitable for children under 12.
The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre are appearing at the Gilded Balloon until the 25 August (not 21).

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