Thursday 29 August 2013

Youtoobling - Cars

I continued Youtoobling on Aug 19th, this time beginning for no reason I can remember with Alexei Sayle...

Ullo John, Got A New Motor, Alexei Sayle

Brand New Cadillac, Vince Taylor,  

Driving Away From Home, It's Immaterial (never seen this live/mimed version from foreign telly)

Go Motoring On The A13, Billy Bragg  

Greased Lightning in Spanish, John Travolta (Mentions the Quartermile )

Convoy GB, Laurie Lingo & The Dipsticks (I predict we won't be seeing this on TV a lot)  

Tell Laura I Love Her, Billy Connolly  

Always Crashing In The Same Car, David Bowie  

They Shoot Horses Don't They, Racing Cars  

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